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Exploring biodiversification.

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Generally, we are interested in using the shared ancestry inherent to all life to

  1. learn about evolutionary history,
  2. better understand the processes that generate biological diversity, and
  3. analyze biological data within a coherent framework that accounts for shared ancestry.

Estimating common ancestry and accounting for it in analyses of biological data falls within the field of phylogenetics.

Our work entails a variety of day-to-day tasks, including:

  1. Collection-based fieldwork.
  2. Molecular lab work to collect genetic data.
  3. Developing and implementing statistical methods that allow us to test our hypotheses. This allows us to frame our work around questions that excite us, rather than framing our questions around available methods.


  • We make our data available in repositories; please see our papers for specific locations. Additionally, there are some “odds and ends” available for download here.