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Exploring biodiversification.

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Jamie Oaks — Principal Investigator

Interested in developing phylogenetic methods and applying them to data from natural populations to test hypotheses about processes of diversification.

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Brian Folt — Postdoctoral Researcher

Brian is a broadly trained ecologist and evolutionary biologist working with us on the comparative phylogeography of reptiles and amphibians across the Southeastern United States.

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Jesse Grismer bio photo

Jesse Grismer — Postdoctoral Researcher

Co-advisor: Brad Shaffer

Jesse is interested in the systematics, biogeography, and conservation of reptile and amphibian species, and is a La Kretz Post doctoral fellow co-advised with Brad Shaffer at the University of California Los Angeles. Jesse's postdoctoral research will be focused on the conservation genomics of Southern California reptiles.


Graduate Students

Aundrea Westfall bio photo

Aundrea Westfall — M.Sc. Student

Co-advisor: Tonia Schwartz

Investigating phylogenetic patterns of viviparity and expression networks of regulatory genes for the placenta in Squamata.

Breanna Sipley bio photo

Breanna Sipley — Ph.D. Student

Co-advisor: Ken Halanych

Interested in the genetic bases of symbiosis, co-phylogeny of parasites and their hosts, and the evolution of gene families associated with blood parasitism.

Kerry Cobb bio photo

Kerry Cobb — Ph.D. Student

Interested in the phylogenetics, speciation genomics, and reproductive isolating mechanisms among Anaxyrus toads.

Randy Klabacka bio photo

Randy Klabacka — Ph.D. Student

Co-advisor: Tonia Schwartz

I am fascinated by the coevolutionary relationship between mitochondrial and nuclear genomes. I am interested in the role sexual reproduction plays in maintaining a healthy mitonuclear marriage, and analyzing the effects of parthenogenesis on mitochondrial dysfunction using physiological methods within a phylogenetic context.

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Undergraduate Researchers

Ryan Cook bio photo

Ryan Cook — Undergraduate Researcher

Investigating trends in the morphological changes of Alabama salamander populations over the past 50 years.

Honorary Members

Amalie Eden bio photo

Amalie Eden — Boss

The mastermind.

Luna bio photo

Luna — Lab canid


Interested in joining the Phyletica Lab?

If you are interested in becoming a phyletician as a postdoc, graduate student, or undergraduate researcher, please contact me.